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Parents please help us out by establishing a daily routine from Sunday evening-Friday morning. Please ensure your child gets at least 8-hours of sleep. The brain and the body works better when it has been allowed adequate rest. The school day begins promptly at 8:30. Please make sure your child is on time. Tardiness creates a disequilibrium (sense of imbalance/anxiety) for students walking into their classroom late. Morning meetings will begin promptly each day. The meetings will help students learn about each other and their teacher, teach students how to greet each other, teach societal norms, and how to work together. These are very important life skills that will be taught. Please allow your child the opportunity to learn these by ensuring their arrival by 8:30. Doors open at 8:15. Free breakfast is served daily upon students walking into the classroom. (No fast food will be allowed in the cafeteria!) ESP is available. It operates from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.   

Parents please make sure that your child is reading 15 minutes every day. Lexia is available to help with reading. IReady is available to help with math. Students should use their usernames and passwords used during the school year. Don’t forget the public library is a great resource for idle time. Stop by the library and check out a book or two once a week. While you there, allow our Mustangs to log into their Lexia or IReady accounts.


December 5th-MTSU game 1st-6th grade
December 6th-Mr. Doug kisses a pig
December 7th-PTO meeting/2nd grade performance 6pm
December 8th-Limo ride (Cookie dough reward)
December 12th-Zaxby's night 5-8pm/Cookie Dough Delivery
December 13th-Band Concert 2:30pm
December 14th-SkateCenter West Skate Night 6-8pm
December 15th-PTO movie night (stampede reward)/Kindergarten field trip
December 18th-Award Ceremony Kindergarten 9-10AM/1st and 2nd grade 1:30-3:00PM
December 19th-Award Ceremony 3rd and 4th grade 9-10:30AM/5th and 6th grade 1:30-3:00PM
December 20th- Christmas Program 9:00AM

​December 21st- 1/2 day Dismissal @ 12PM

​December 22nd-January 5th: Winter Break

No Dismissal from the front office after 3:15 (Safety First!)

Official Mustang Closing:

Remember that you are loved at Mustang Nation and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it!

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