Bell Times

The doors at Mustang Nation will open every morning at 8:15. Only one lane of Mustang Lane will be open during arrival. Please do not drop students off prior to 8:15. Walkers and bikers should not arrive on campus prior to 8:15. Students should exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Please remember right turns only onto Greenland Dr.

School start time is 8:30. All students who arrive late must be signed in at the front office by an adult. Mustang Lane will close at 8:28. After that time, you will need to park and walk your child into the building and sign him/her in at the front office.

School dismissal is 3:30 on full days and 12:00 on half days. Please make sure that your Mustang Tag is visible every day to expedite the car rider line. If you do not have a Mustang Tag, you will be asked to park and sign your child out from the office.


Dismissal Changes:
Parents are responsible for sending a note to school with their child(ren) with dismissal changes or an email to your child(ren)'s teacher and  prior to noon. If sending an email, the subject line should be dismissal change. Notes/Emails should include a parent contact number and the date of the dismissal change. Please remind your child to give the note to his/her teacher upon arriving at school.

Transportation changes over the phone should be limited to emergency situations. Limited number of transportations changes over the phone will be allowed annually per family.
Please contact front office prior to 3:00. Front office will verify all phone transportation changes by making contact with custodial parent. Please make sure that phone numbers are kept current in the front office. Additionally, students should not be checked out between 3:00-3:30.

Student Pick-up:
 It is the custodial parent(s)' responsibility to complete the forms that list all parties who are able to pick up the student(s). These changes must be done using the appropriate form through the front office (not over the phone). Thanks for your attention to this matter.